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Before to click like a mad man on these buttons, you might want to know what's going on! If you're here for the first time, this site has two main area: The Free Area, The Member Area.

In the Rebecca Lord Members Area, you'll find thousands of XXX Pictures, Video Clips to download or to stream, Calendars, Audio files, Contests (free goodies to win!), Live Sex, Phone Sex, lots of pictures of other XXX Stars... and LOTS MORE! Unlike most of Adult sites, I am not promising the moon like: "500 000 pics, 10 000 video clips..." or any bullshit like this! I have lots of content, and it is Premium Quality! No shity pictures you can't tell head from toes (most of the time taken from videos!), no videos you can't see what's the hell is happening...My content is top quality!
Everything is secured, no surprises, no pop ups. You pay for a month (or more!) and that's it! You won't get any anoying banners all the time, no other site will magically pop up every time you try to close your browser! The site is MINE! Not from a Company. I care about my fans! Your information is safe with me and will not be disclosed to any other companies. You'll not receive any commercial email begging you to buy their stuff! The only emails you'll receive are from me. If the email comes from someone else than it's a spam, not from me!

Now, to get the The Real Deal, things I never showed before: get instant access, by clicking below...

Rebecca Lord members section: immediate access now!

In the Rebecca Lord Free Section, you will find all the info on my career, my Tour dates, recent News (and older ones!) about everything, movie reviews, FREE pictures...and of course how to join my Fan Club, a chatroom (I attend every Friday nights), many special offers, contests to win free stuff, a forum...too many thing to be listed here! Of course, a Store with personalized merchandises you can order online!
I am also PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY : My name will NOT be visable on the package you receive - all shipments are sent in a plain unmarked package (USPS envelopes or brown ordinary envelopes), charge card statements will NOT identify the products - all charge card statements will show the name RLP. Your information will not be shared with another company!

Now, take a look at the menu and let's visit these pages, it's FREE! You should begin by the NEWS page: it's where everything begins...


Now, have matter where you go, I will be there for YOU!

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