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Sad, very sad.
August 2001: You probably noticed that I didn't do anything with the site in a week. I am very sad and couldn't think right much less work. I have lost my oldest dog, Tartine, last Monday. She was the most precious thing in my life. She was old I know (13) but still, the pain seems unbearable. Sorry that I have not been a very good host this week but my head and heart where somewhere else. Here is a picture of her so she will get her 15 minutes of fame.

In 1998, I have been working on the last Georges Michael's music Video!
That's the first time I am doing a Music Video for someone so famous.
I am very happy and I thought I will share with you guys!
The music Video has been "airing" on MTV and other channels music channels.
Oh one last thing: it's called "OUTSIDE" !

Living in Las Vegas!
I now live in Las Vegas! In case you need to send me a nice gift or a letter to tell me how much you love me (LOL), here is the address:
Rebecca Lord, 4001 S. Decatur Blvd Ste.37-167, Las Vegas, NV 89103
The Encino address is still a valid address (it's my office in Los Angeles) but I will get the mail faster if you send it to Vegas!

Howard Stern, now!
Finally, I got my stuff together so here is the HOWARD STERN show audio files!
You can also click in the menu, on the the left of your screen, and get there! You need the Real Player to be able to listen to the show! (free to download). If you want to listen to more, the audio files of my second visit to Howard are in the Members Section!

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Donate, even a buck or two! If you really can't help by giving money, then maybe you can help by giving your time!? Check the site, everything is explained!

Post Cards:
I have created this page so you can send some naughty post cards to your friends or co-workers!! LOL! Check it out! The Post Card page!

Walking down the street...
...and beeing recognized by some of you, is really nice, and you know me, I don't mind signing autograph or posing for a quick picture, EXCEPT when I am with my family!
So please, if I am not alone, DO NOT come to me to ask for an autograph or anything else. I know I am a public person, sort of (!), but it doesn't mean that you can invade my privacy nicely!! I know it sounds bitchy but I am sure you understand (at least I know 99% of you understand, so this message is for the 1% that don't!).

My mailing address:
16161 VENTURA BLVD #374
ENCINO, CA 91436
  If you email me, I will personally answer anyone who wrote me (even if it takes LONG sometimes
since I receive many email!).

Please read THE FAQ PAGE before to ask me any question!
I WON'T ANSWER questions listed in this FAQ page and I will spanked your ass for asking!!!

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