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Please, clear your cache or reload the pages regularly:
important changes may have been made. You need to do that in order to see the changes!

You voted for it, you got it!
I now offer you the possibility to request custom photos and to receive them within 48H! Hi-quality (not compressed) digital pictures made just for you! You order them and you receive them directly through the internet! Check out details and price:

Rebecca Lord custom digital pics
to see how to order Rebecca Lords digital pics

I remind you, so you don't email me whinning there are not enough free pics, that at the bottom of the news page, and on some pages in the site, some thumbnails are clickable to see a free bigger picture! So it's not only on the photo page that you'll see free pics! Don't say I didn't tell you now!

So...what's new on the site?...
- First things first: I am debugging right now! In case you find any page not working please report to me ASAP!
- Be patient the first time you visit the new pages: it sometimes takes time to download pics with effects! Once it's in your cache it will be quick next time!!
- If you didn't see the message when you enter the site, you absolutely need to view my site at 768x1024 screen resolution. If you look at it in a lower resolution, you won't be able to see the entire menu! See this EXPLANATION on how to set up your screen to the right resolution!
- As you've seen, there is no more left, top or bottom frame! It was a bit of a pain for some of you! The site is now adapted to both Internet Explorer & Netscape (download the latest versions, it's free! -- see front page --). If you have AOL, I recommend that, after you logged in, you use either Netscape or I.E to browse the site! As you already know, AOL is not porn friendly!!!
- I have made it easier to navigate: no worries if you don't see some of the pages you liked, on the left menu. It's still there but I have created sub-menus on certain pages (look under "photos", "live events" & "about me" for example: these 3 pages contain lots of sub-menus!). It's pretty easy: look at these nice "aqua buttons" on the top of the page (same look than the menu button but usually bigger!) and it will bring you somewhere else!!!
- Lots of prices have been dramatically reduced in the store! Check it out! Some really good deal for you!
- There are some additions to the site, but you know what: I let you discover by yourself!! Hehee! So you can browse the entire site and say "Wao Rebecca! It's so great!!!"! LOL!
- Instead of having a "Pic of the week" page that I always forget to update, I made some of the pictures inside "In the Members Section" (bottom of this page), clickable! It also means that no matter what, I will give you one free "Pic" each week on the top of those ones! Who knows, you may be surprised: on some other pages, might be some clickable pictures or even videoclip as well (hint, hint!)!!!
- Club Rebecca has changed! Take a look at it: I am sure some of you will be really interested!
- Of course, I have added several new movies for you to purchase. No matter what, look at the e-store: some new additions, and some cool ones!
- The contest page has changed: more contests, new ones, easier to win free memberships and goodies!
- I have made the help page (formerly "customer service") bigger, and there is everything that you need regarding technical troubles, billing & cancelations, email & phone, orders...

Have fun with this new site, and if you find any bug, please report it to me right away!! (Already found one: the Post Cards page isn't working...yet!)

Rebecca Lords reward card
new on Rebecca Lord web site   THE REWARD CARD!  
To reward all of you guys, that have been purchasing memberships or goodies from my web site, I have decided to create a Reward Card Program.
The principle is simple: it works like some credit cards reward programs:
- For every dollar you spend on my site, you get 1 point to redeem. 1 point is equal 10 cents!
- For example, if you spend 100 bucks, you get 100 points to redeem which is 10 bucks!
- You can redeem these points against anything, except cash, including shipping!
- You can only redeem your point against an existing goodie or membership. The only exception would be shipping!
- No points on already discounted items (like Special Offers).
- The reward card is valid 3 years so you got plenty of time!!
- It has begun May 1st, 2004 (so if you already bought anything from this date, it is already credited to your card!).
- You can redeem your points whenever you like it during that period. All you have to do is email me!
- You do not have to be a paid member of the site to enjoy this offer.
- Anybody purchasing anything on the site is automatically enroled in the program.
- You should receive an email, regularly, with the accounting of your points!

For Members of "Club Rebecca", every dollar spent gets 2 points, and for the Members of "Club Millionaire", you get 3 points!

Now, isn't it the greatest Adult Website on the planet or what!? LOL!

Recent shoot:
I did a cute little 18 years old for my new "Naughty Home Video" to come, a three way with also a new cummer and Brian Surewood (also called the "cum hose", you'll see why!!), and a wonderful scene with my favorite stud Mark Davis for a fantastic anal, the ultimate one!
Now you know everything! You have seen some of that content already, and you'll see the rest fairly soon!

I want to end something right now! it gives me a lot of useless work! So please guys, if you subscribed a non recurring membership, do not email me asking me to cancel it! It will terminate at the end of your subscription (since it's non recurring!) and won't be re-billed!
I am not one of these site that bills you no matter what! If it says "non recurring", IT IS non recurring!
Everytime you send an email, I loose my time researching into my database and in the credit card processing database to find out that anyway, there is nothing I can do since there is NO REBILLING!
Have mercy on the poor little French Pastry! The time I loose doing this is the time I don't have updating the site! And we don't want that, do we?!

Rebecca Lord theater: get your free video clip right now The Theater! Free Video Cips!

It's now available to you all! Not just the members of the site, but to everybody! Thousands of movies to browse! FREE movie clips to watch! If you want to locate my movies, do a search on Rebecca Lord (extended search) and it will display all my movies available at this day in this Theater! Some movies will be added regularly. Of course, I won't be jaleous if you do a search on Silvia Saint or anybody else (I think you can find pretty much any porn star in this theater!), but I won't love you anymore! Just kidding! LOL!
The streaming is really awesome and like on a VCR, you can fastforward, replay, etc...And don't tell me the rate is not great! I don't think you can beat that! Well for now, have fun and let me know if there is anything you don't understand!...

Thanks to all of you that ordered the Naughty Home Video!
Frankly, I didn't expect such a success! If you liked it so much,
you can order the Any Home Video (1 through 4) (that features the beautiful Olivia Del Rio!)
Also with the cute, nasty and fun Lola (latina!) and Mickey G.!
The Home Video #5 will soon be available! I'll keep you posted in the fresh news!

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