Credit card fraud is a crime.

It is not a joke, and it will not be treated lightly. We deeply respect your privacy as a member in good standing, but if you submit a transaction with a bad credit card (stolen, computer-generated, made-up, or other fraudulent cards), we will turn over any information we have about that transaction to the fraud department of our bank. Because it is a crime, your Internet Service Provider will cooperate in providing contact information for you, and you will be found and prosecuted.

Above is a sample of the information we have about you before your transaction is even complete! Combined with the timestamp , your IP address uniquely identifies you. Dynamic IP is not a protection, nor is the use of a proxy service (including AOL), because with the timestamp and server logs, your ISP or proxyholder can name you personally. Even so-called anonymous services must and will comply with law enforcement agencies (there are always logfiles). Browser: Mozilla/4.5 [en] (Win98; I) This field identifies the operating system and browser you are using to access our site. This provides more accountability and documentation to identify you. After your transaction completes, and you have used your password, we have even more information about you (hint: all email is traceable). Don't take chances just because you think you're hidden -- we have helped our bank successfully prosecute credit card fraud in the past, and we're ready, able, and more than willing to do it again.

We also use HackTracerTM by Sharp Technology. It is the first-of-its-kind intrusion detection application that "tracks the hacker"! HackTracer works in the background, keeping a constant watch for attempts to "hack" into our system. Upon detecting a hack attempt, HackTracer: denies access to the intruder and begins tracing the hacker back to their point of origin, brings up a world map to display the tracing route, creates a log—including the IP address of the intruder—using HackTracer Technology that may be used by authorities.

If you feel you must cheat someone to get free nude pictures, pick someone a little less aggressive about fraud prosecution. Pick us, and you're guaranteed to be put through hell. Why risk it?
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